Lincoln Results

Abbey Price and the 9a Racing team would tow out to the Lincoln Speedway for the big Saturday night Special. The 410 Sprint Cars race here weekly and home to the top sprint car talent every Saturday night. Names like Paxton, Smith, Hodnett, Snellbaker, Opperman and more have ran this track through out the years. Add in the World of Outlaws such as Steve Kinser, Sammy Swindell, Doug Wolfgang and other stars have all race at the Lincoln Speedway.

As the 9a team took the X-cel 600 Dirt Modified out for practice in the tour race Abbey was fast out of the box. The car was set up to run the first heat race. In an incredible start Abbey was able to take the car 3 wide in the heat race and jump out in front. The young talent was able to keep running strong and qualify for the main event. After the feature a few minor chassis adjustments were made as the racer was set up for the main event. Abbey is set to go racing and having a great night. In the feature the track had changed and the setup was not right. The green flew and Abbey was passed by the freight train of hungry racers seeking fame on the Famous Dirt oval. A tight race in the heat was now loose and Abbey went from 8th to 17th place. Not one to give up Abbey adjusted her driving style as the car slowly tightened up as the race wore on. Abbey drove the car up to 12th place. The night came to an end and Abbey is looking for revenge at the Lincoln Speedway. Abbey would like to Thank her sponsors David Ragan Ford
• Ken and David Ragan• Don’s Racing Websites• Hat Creek Retrievers• N&P-P Co.• Huntington Oil Company• Joel Renner Power Washing• Signature Structures LLC• D C Helms Inc.• Dr. Kathleen Fallon-Kline. Auto Craft Collision Service. For making the night possible.

Lincoln update -quoting track FB Page
“Nazareth’s Aaron Bowes took the $3,000 top prize in the highest-paying Xcel Chassis 600 Modified Tour event ever held over the 10-year history of the division. It was Bowes’ four straight Tour win.

Because he won the last event, Bowes was forced to start ninth in the event. He proceeded to pass a car a lap to take the lead from polesitter and race-long leader Ian Williamson on the ninth lap. Bowes led the rest of the way, crossing a half-second in front of Richie Hitzler, with Jonathan Pepe, Cody Coons, and 15th-starting Jason Dunkleberger rounding out the top five.

Heats for the 35 600 Modifieds were won by Abbey Price, Bowes, Hitzler, and Jonathon Pepe, with Kyle Fallis winning the consolation.
Final run down

Feature (20 Laps) – 1. 64-Allen Bowes ($3,000); 2. 9-Richie Hitzler; 3. 17-Jonathon Pepe; 4. X-Cody Coons; 5. 6-Jason Dunkleberger; 6. 27-Josh Pepe; 7. 56K-Kamdin Maby; 8. 10-Ian Williamson; 9. 08V-Rich Savage; 10. D31-Drew Fallis; 11. 14N-Nathan Brinker; 12. 9A-Abbey Price; 13. 00-Jordyn Mohr; 14. 127-Korey Inglin; 15. 08-Jonathon Josko; 16. 24B-Daulton Bigler; 17. 88-Ryan Higgs; 18. 55-Michael Burrows; 19. 666-Ryan Mohr; 20. 27D-Lester Dise (DNF); 21. 02-Chris Eckert (DNF); 22. T31-Kyle Fallis (DNF); 23. 43-Brian Mady (DNF); DNS – 43X-Nick Mady. No Time

Lap Leaders – Ian Williamson (1-8), Allen Bowes (9-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps) – 1. 9A-Abbey Price; 2. X-Cody Coons; 3. 08V-Tim Van Horn, Jr.; 4. 02-Chris Eckert; 5. 27D-Lester Dise; 6. 54D-Dakota Barlet; 7. 29-Mark Howanitz; 8. 78-Mark Grey; DNS – 12-Brad Smith. Time – 2:30.28

2nd Heat (8 Laps) – 1. 64-Aaron Bowes; 2. 56K-Kamdin Maby; 3. 43-Brian Mady; 4. 10-Ian Williamson; 5. 24B-Daulton Bigler; 6. 62-Shawna Schibilia; 7. 84-Joe Carter; 8. 14B-Barry Stufflet; 9. 53-(DNF); DNS – 119-Scott Washburn. No Time

3rd Heat (8 Laps) – 1. 9-Richie Hitzler; 2. D31-Drew Fallis; 3. 88-Ryan Higgins; 4. 55-Michael Burrows; 5. 43X-Nick Mady; 6. 77-Kyle Inglin; 7. 14N-Nathan Brinker (DNF); 8. 08-Jonathan Josko (DNF). No Time

4th Heat (8 Laps) – 1. 17-Jonathan Pepe; 2. 27-Josh Pepe; 3. 127-Koery Inglin; 4. 6-Jason Dunkleberger; 5. T31-Kyle Fallis; 6. 666-Ryan Mohr; 7. 00-Jordyn Mohr; 8. 57-Barry Breidegan. No Time

Consolation (10 Laps) – 1. 31; 2. 666; 3. 14N; 4. 00; 5. 43X; 6. 27; 7. 24B; 8. 08; 9. 77; 10. 84; 11. 29; 12. 62; 13. 78; 14. 54(DNF); 15. 57(DNF); DNS – 14B, 12, 119, 53. No Time
” Thank you Lincoln Speedway for the full run down and results ! Also congratulations to Arron Bowes on the win !!

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” From Ernie Saxton Communications, Inc.”

OAKS, PA July 23, 2014 . . . The Pioneer Pole Buildings Motorsports 2015 fueled by Sunoco Race Fuels and Distributed by Insinger Performance Race Car and Trade Show will celebrate its 30th anniversary on Friday, January 23 thru Sunday, January, 25th.

“It seems just like yesterday when we kicked off this show,” said show producer Len Sammons who has confirmed the events traditional date once again at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

“The first Motorsports show took place just up the road in Valley Forge,” Sammons recalled. “The 30 years went fast and wow has the show grown. We are planning a big three day celebration, a party for our 2015 event. We are very excited to have Pioneer, Sunoco, Insinger and Miller Beer all return to be part of what we feel will be one of the biggest show we have ever produced.”

All exhibitors from the 2014 edition of the show should have already received the new show brochure which reflects an exciting new floor plan that offers expanded space and a new design that will offer more room for interactive displays. The stage has been moved out of D-Hall into its own room. Other changes have been made to create a more consistent traffic flow throughout the main exhibit area.

The 2014 exhibitors have until July 31, 2014 to reserve the same display space or even increase their space for Motorsports 2015. Space reservations for past exhibitors must include a 25% deposit with the booth order. Past exhibitors that have had their past booth location impacted by the new floor layout or would like to change their display location should be in touch with Tim Hogue as soon as possible so that every effort can be made to accommodate that request.

After August 1st all space not reserved will be open to all.

“We are in the process of putting together some exciting plans for the 30th Anniversary,” said Sammons. “We will be making many announcements regarding plans for the show in the future.”

For those who have not been exhibitors or have missed a year or two the beautiful new show brochure is available along with a show floor plan by contacting Danny Sammons or Tim Hogue at 609.888.3618. They can also be reached at or

The very classy Crowne Plaza Valley Forge will serve as the host hotel and will again offer a discounted rate of $89 per night (plus taxes). The hotel is located just 7.5 miles from the Expo Center and is within walking distance of the popular King of Prussia Mall, the nation’s second largest retail complex with over 350 stores and close to 100 restaurants.

Again, for the 30th Anniversary, the Saturday night post show will continue and will be held in one of the large ballrooms at the hotel with music by DJ Sound and Lighting and bar specials from show sponsor Miller Lite. ”

For information on the show check in at

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Racing at Lincoln Saturday July 26, 2014

Abbey and the 9a race team will be “Racing this Saturday” at Lincoln Speedway (web site link at bottom of page) Abbey and the X-cel 600 Modified Tour will be on hand for a major paying event, as they take on the PA Posse. Billy Pauch Jr and other Sprint Car Superstars will make there first start in the 600′s. Abbey Price, and the Tour Regulers will look to keep the Posse in Check. Come on out to the Lincoln Speedway this Saturday. Located in Abbott PA to watch the races on the fast 3/8 Mile clay oval.
Sat., July 26, 2014 (7:30 PM)
410 Sprints, 358 Sprints, and 600 Modifieds
| Adults $14 | Pits $25 | Students w/Student ID (ages 12 to 17) $8 |
| 6-11 yrs. old $2 | under 6 yrs old Free |
Gates open at 5:30 PM Top 10 in Points


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Penn Can & Five Mile Point updates.

Saturday night the 3 day race weekend continued. After a great finish on Friday the 9a team towed to Five Mile Point and than to the Small Car Nationals on Sunday at Penn Can. At the Five Mile Point Speedway the X-cel 600 chasis modified hit the track running. Abbey Price would pilot the the Dirt racer to a heat race victory in the qualifier. Bad luck would bite the potent racer as Abbey caught a wheel and bent the front Axle. With no time to fix the car Abbey drove the crippled racer off the track. The weekend was not a loss! A new Axle was installed to race the next night.

Over at the Penn Can Speedway Abbey would qualify against a strong field of tour racers on the Dirt Oval. The competition was tough but Abbey was fast and moving forward She finished in 5th Place her best run in 2014.

Friday news at Penn Can: The results were posted on X-cel board. This is part of an article from the X-cel message board Quoting the  article ” Coming thru the pack, Abbey Price had her machine running the top and bottom from a 16th spot to a firm hold on 6th by lap 13.” Price would lose two spots due to the car just getting to tight.” A lap 18 caution could have been a game change. Price would cross the line in 7th earning her hard charger of the race. “

Finsh for the Weekend

7th Friday

Heat Race win – Saturday

5th Place Small Car Nationals – Friday

Next up Lincoln Speedway – Watch out Abbey is getting into her Summer Peak and the racer is running red hot !!!

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Saturday July 19,2014 Racing News

Abbey and the 9a race team towed to Penn Can last night. Abbey started in 16th place in the feature out of 24 cars on the starting grid. Running the race Abbey moved up to 7th place and had a nice top 10 Finish in the X-cel 600 Dirt Modified tour race. Tonight Abbey will be at the 1/4 mile Five Mile Point Speedway racing the dirt oval. To night is a tune up for tomorrows tour race at the Penn Can Speedway. In other news tonight at Grandview the Dirt Modifieds, Sportsman and Late Models race on the 1/3 Mile High Banks. Over in NJ Bridgeport and Wall Stadium have regular shows. The USAC midget is nearing completion and any sponsors are welcome to jump in on the action!

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Five Mile Point results July 6 , 2014

Last night at the Five Mile Point Speedway the 9a race team showed up at the 1/4 mile clay oval. The repairs to the Ken Ragen, corner by corner landscaping racer were not completed. Instead Abbey Price would start out with Richie Hitzler’s (the current points leader) back up car. The back up car features a completely different set up package than what Abbey is use to driving.

In the heat race against the X-cel 600 Modified Chassis Tour regulars Abbey would qualify directly for the Main Event with a 5th place finish. She spent a few laps getting comfortable in the racer. In the main event Abbey would start the feature against the tough competition. The green flew and the cars started before the first yellow came out. The racers re-aligned and again the green was thrown. In another pile up several cars exited the race. The borrowed car had also received a bent rub rail in the feature as the racing continued through the night. Abbey was running in the 7th spot late in the race and looped the car going into the corner. Re-starting in the rear of the field Abbey would not be denied a top 10 finish. The green flew again the chauffer past a few cars to end up 9th at the checkered flag while still looking to catch more cars !

Thanks go out to Richie Hitzler for the back up car and Doug Borger for arranging the ride. The motor and set up will be change to the 9a racer for next weekends race at Shippensburg 100 lapper.

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July 5, 2014 Racing News

Abbey Price and the 9a Race team are in Upstate New York to race at the Five Mile Point Speedway. This is day two of the Holiday Racing Weekend. The tough 1/4 Mile Dirt Track has a full card tonight with the X-Cel Chassis 600 Modified Tour on hand. The 9a race car is currently under going a motor swap.

Last night at the Penn Can Speedway a mechanical problem cropped up out of nowhere. Abbey ran warms up and the 600 Modified  was down on power. She started the heat race but when the green came out Abbey had no power and ended up parking the racer for the night. The motor is being swapped during the day and the 9a Race team will be running tonight. Starting time and track info below.
In other racing news the Late Models run a 40 lapper at Grandview Speedway tonight. The 9a team will be cheering for Joe ” The Geezer” Fanelli to win tonight ! The Abbey Price midget is being prepared and is scheduled to race some time in early August. Sponsorship is welcomed for the opening night event. Details to follow.

Sat. 7/5 Mods, SM, SS, IMCA, LC, 600 c.c. Mods Tour, Factory Stocks, Figure 8’s. Starting time – 6:00 p.m.

phone: 607-775-5555


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June 28,2014 – Quick Up Date

Due to a schedule conflict the X-cell 600 tour race has been cancelled.
In other News the 4th of July will have the 9a race team at Penn Can followed by a race
Saturday July 5th 2014 at the Five Mile Point Speedway.

Other News: The midget is being put together and sponsors are encourage to get on board.
The body panels are being sprayed at Auto Craft Collision Service by Donald Wolfe. The rest of
the Chassis is being put together by a Friend of Chip’s. We currently need only a few parts to be
race ready and donations are being accepted. Over at Grandview Speedway “The Geezer” will be racing in the Late Model
Division on the Highbanks…Looking for another top 10 finish !! Chip sent a picture earlier today of a 1/4 Midget in the
back of his truck the car is borrowed for the night details to follow. Looks like a surprise driver on board ;>)

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Midget update and more

From Abbey Price Racing :We would like to thank PWP Racing with help getting the Focus Midget assembled.
The car is in their shop and is in good hands.
Auto Craft Collision Service in Garwood, NJ is currently painting the body. the cars
owner requested silver. Thanks Donny.
We are also trying to schedule a local practice session at a local asphalt
track. We will keep you posted on this.
Friday night Abbey will be at Penn Can Speedway. The 9a is all done and should
be a strong car. Each week we are dialing the 9a and we are having a great time
with all of our Xcel people.
Thanks for following us.

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I-88 Results & More (5/31/14)

Coming Soon Abbey's new ride

Coming Soon
Abbey’s new ride

The 9a Race Team towed to the I-88 Speedway in upstate New York last night to run the X-cel 600 Dirt Modified Tour Race. It was a great night for racing at the fast clay oval. A full field of 3o X-cel 600′s signed into the pits. On a clear cool night the competition was fast and furious.

Abbey would start in her heat race in second place. During the heat Abbey would move in to the lead for a short period and than settle back into second place. A spirited duel for second place had Abbey enjoying the heat. She finished in second place in her heat and drew 9th place in the feature.

After the heat race, Chip was busy making some fine adjustments to the race car so Abbey would have a good race. The green flew in the feature and Abbey was racing her friends from the 1/4 midget days. A few laps into the feature a throttle cable problem developed. Abbey was force to drop out of the feature. In the end it was a great night and Abbey & Chip Price were in a good mood.

A fast Michael Burrows won the Main Event followed by Richie Hitzler and Aaron Bowes rounded out the top three.

In other news Abbey will racing the Ford Focus Midget on the pavement later this Summer. Pictured above is the new USAC race car that Abbey will compete in. The car needs some odds and ends and will be painted in the next few weeks. The Midget racing program is going to be different the X-Cel series. Details to come soon.

Abbey will be competing next week at Penn Can on Friday June 6 & Saturday June 7,2014 at The Five Mile Point Speedway. In other news tonight the 22 Super Late Model of Joe “Geezer” Fanelli will take on the 1/3 Mile clay highbanks of Grandview speedway. Good Luck Geezer !

Final Run down for I-88 Speedway Xcel Modifieds (20 Laps):

Michael Burrows, Richie Hitzler, Aaron Bowes, Jonathan Pepe, Will Eastman, Kyle Fallis, Kailee Dimorier, Nathan Brinker, Jordyn Mohr, Steven Sherwood, Ryan Mohr, Kamdin Maby, Josh Pepe, Tom Shiner, Jonathan Josko, Dustin Gorick, Scott Adams, Bud Leizear, Shawna Schibilia, Joseph McCabe, Nick Cinquanti, Doug Windhausen, A.J. Miller, Dakota Barlet, Abbey Price, Jaime Frantz, Tim Frantz, Bobby Butler, Ian Williamson DNS Sean Barchik

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